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Careers in IT

This site is all about finding a great computer science, information technology or other closely related class, school or degree program. Computer Science is the discipline of managing the analysis, design, implementation, and application of processes that transform information. It is a discipline with historical foundations in mathematics, science, and…

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Nurse Options

Do you think you’re suited to a healthcare career? The jobs can be hard. The work hours might be pretty tough. Yet lots of individuals find the work very satisfying. This kind of profession is not the ideal career for lots of folks. It’s good that most training programs do…

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Going Online

Can’t attend college because you think you don’t have enough time? When you are like a lot of people, your daily life may perhaps be rather chaotic, and you probably assume there isn’t enough time to enroll for university courses. Most institutions present the majority of their courses during the…

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Your Career as a Cook

Another decent field you could look into is the culinary arts. The jobs in this industry include cooks and chefs, caterers, pastry makers, kitchen and restaurant supervisors and other supporting players. The culinary area has seen relatively good expansion the past decade, and this type of expansion could continue on…

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Different Career

If you’re not sure about computer science, nursing is one more sensible occupation you could look at. The health care career field has been among the strongest growing career fields for several years now, and it is projected to continue this way into the future also. Due to this strong…

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Good Major Choices

Popular Online Education Categories Today, distance learning offers more advantages to students than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, busy professionals and parents can enhance their current skills or train for an entirely new career. Following are five of the top distance learning programs. Business The U.S. Bureau of Labor…

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New Pages

We have started a few additional pages where we discuss some degree programs which may be outside of computer science or IT. You are free to comment on anything within these pages — please do.

Computer Science Introduction

Our main column on our site devoted to computer science degrees and classes is pretty much finished. We will be adding more articles about the computer science and information technology fields shortly. Earning a degree in computer science is not a bad idea, potential students just need to find out…

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